PlayStation 与 LeBron James 合作推出限量版联名PS5外壳和DualSense无线控制器!

PlayStation 与 LeBron James 合作

PlayStation 今日宣布与PlayStation Playmaker、NBA湖人队球星 – 勒布朗·詹姆斯 LeBron James 合作推出限量版联名PS5外壳和DualSense无线控制器!

PlayStation x LeBron James img1
PlayStation x LeBron James

限量版联名PS5外壳和DualSense无线控制器的设计灵感是来源于 LeBron James及他对游戏和社区的热爱,可以看到该外壳和控制器都印了许多LeBron James的皇冠和说过的名言,如「Nothing is given. Everything is earned.」!

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PlayStation x LeBron James img3

LeBron James 也对此次的合作说出了:

“It’s still crazy to think a kid from Akron who grew up playing games is getting to create something like this. Designing a console cover and controller with PlayStation that gives a nod to my I Promise students and where we come from is a pretty cool thing. I hope it’s something that continues to inspire everyone who touches it, and that they have a little fun finding meaning in every detail.” – LeBron James

PlayStation 与 LeBron James 合作推出限量版联名PS5外壳和DualSense无线控制器目前只在指定的国家贩售,而马来西亚没有包括在内,有兴趣的朋友可以通过 预购!

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